Eccentric Pop is distributed by:


Traffic Entertainment Group


Ask for our releases at your local indie record shop!! Tell them we're carried by Traffic Entertainment

Cargo (UK)
Striped Music (Italy)
Sugar and Spice Records (France)

Brassneck Records (UK)

Soundflat Mailorder (Germany)


Waterslide Records (Japan)
Foxhat Records (Australia)


Eccentric Pop Records is operated out of a spare bedroom by Travis and Nicole in Wilmington, NC.  



Starting in 2019, we are no longer accepting demos.  There is too much on our plate, and we are nice people who hate having to tell people "no."  If you have self-released something that you think we may be able to distribute, send us an email with the form on the contact page!


Media Requests / Press Packages :

Physical and digital press packages are available by request! They generally include audio, cover art, band biography, press photos, and other promotional materials.  Send any requests to:

or use this handy contact form!