There are countless bands out there that we would LOVE to work with some day.  Bands from all over the world, who have the sound and attitude that would fit right in on the Eccentric Pop roster.  Bands that we love to listen to, that we think you ought to hear as well.  Sadly, though, as a spare-bedroom operation run by two people who work full time at ‘real’ jobs to make ends meet and keep this record label alive, we don’t have the time and budget to bring all these great bands and songs to you as Eccentric Pop releases.

We’re always impressed and happy when we see bands self-releasing their music.  And we’re always happy to help them out.  If YOUR band fits the aesthetic of our goofy little label, and has a new vinyl release to promote, please get in touch.  To keep our books in order, we’re not able to trade records, but we’re happy to carry your stuff on consignment!  Punk rock, power pop, even surf and garage rock – if you think our customers would like the tunes you are cranking out, we want to hear from you. If we agree, we want to work with you!!

Part of our plan for global domination in the coming years includes becoming much more active in consignment distribution.  If your record is something truly special, we can even help place your record in full-blown international distribution, in record stores and distros all over the world.  Get in touch!  We wanna hear what you are working on!!!