Have you ever found yourself wondering “gee, how does Eccentric Pop Records keep the look and feel of their advertising so hip, exciting, and fresh?”  The answer lies in our patent-pending, boredom-busting, mind-melting graphic design technique known as ATOMIC RETRO FUTURISM!

So what exactly IS “atomic retro futurism” anyhow?  To quote Potter Stewart, “you know it when you see it!”  When you see a gorilla wearing X-ray specs… THAT’S ATOMIC RETRO FUTURISM!  When you see Frankestein’s monster staring through a black and white space vortex… THAT’S ATOMIC RETRO FUTURISM!  When you spot some hip kids sporting tiki shirts, riding lambrettas and sipping tropical rum concoctions… THAT’S ATOMIC RETRO FUTURISM!!

By popular request (well, maybe not popular… but I swear it HAS been requested…) the brilliant minds behind Eccentric Pop are happy to offer graphic design services with quick turnarounds and super reasonable pricing to keep your project on point AND on budget. 

Take a look at some past projects below, and get in touch to let us know what we can do for you!

Album Art!


T Shirts!

Print and Web Ads!